Kentlands Square

What next, Now that Beatty has withdrawn their proposed change to their site plan?

For my way of thinking, the big win is the vision in the City’s master plan, which would greatly increase the amount of shopping, office, and residential space in Market Square and Kentlands Square. Imagine the two shopping centers filled with four-story buildings and multilevel parking garages, like Rockville Town Square. The plan shows these buildings going where the large open parking lots are today and also replacing the existing shopping buildings.

In conversations with the management of Saul, owner of the Kentlands Square side, they are looking at the proposed CCT transit project as a key driver for moving forward. Now that Beatty’s proposal is off the table, I anticipate our planning staff and elected officials having conversations with the developers about the future of the shopping centers here. There is a large investment required, so the developers cannot be forced to proceed — they need to understand why the master plan vision benefits their organizations.

We don’t want empty storefronts, and we don’t want the nature of the center downgraded, so the best direction I see is to bring the parties together to work on the upgrade plan. From Ken’s note, it looks like he is moving in that direction, and let’s hope his owners and investors are, too.

Aside from the Kentlands project, I am hoping to move forward with a project to bring together all the city stakeholders to create a longer-term vision for the city. More news on that if/when it develops.

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