Government In Transitions

Governments seem to keep focusing on where we are now and where we want to be, without paying attention to what comes in between. The in-between can be very painful unless there is good planning. Highway planners learned this lesson long ago – they carefully plan detours and timing to minimize disruptions.

Some places where we get this wrong:

  • School systems adopt a new standard (like Core States), which needs to be implemented overnight. What about teacher training? What about adapting the curriculum for special needs kids?
  • Trade agreements are signed, which have very beneficial effects in the long run but cause great challenges in transition. NAFTA resulted in job losses in the USA, which will be regained, but they will not be the same jobs. There should have been accommodation for displaced workers – not just unemployment insurance, but training and relocation programs to match capabilities with job needs.

There are great ideas and great opportunities, but there is a path from Point A to Point B that needs careful planning.