Sustainability & Environment

In my years as a leader in the Kentlands HOA, we launched several environmental projects. We installed a new geothermal system to replace an aging HVAC system, and we worked with the Maryland dept. of energy to earn a grant that provided them with real-world information on how the system performs and how much energy and money it saves. So, not only are we saving money, but we are providing hard data to others who may be thinking about geothermal solutions so they can perform their own cost-benefit analysis.

For this program, the City of Gaithersburg honored the Kentlands with an environmental achievement award.


Neil Harris, chair, and Jarrod Borkat, vice chair, receiving a 2014 environmental award on behalf of the Kentlands Citizens Assembly.


We also launched one of first HOA programs to utilize organic landscaping in the community. You can read about how that came about and where the project stands in a post here: Chemical Herbicides.

And now the city is in development of a new stormwater treatment facility, designed to clean 20% of the runoff within the city. Our runoff ends up in the Chesapeake Bay, which is in dire need of cleaning up. Our work in Gaithersburg, along with similar work throughout the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, will go a long way to bringing back the bay to its original condition, providing a bounty of oysters and crabs and rockfish as well as water sports and recreation for generations to come.

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